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The "Fortaleza San Luis - Recinto Histórico Cultural” is a non-profit organization inaugurated on June 4, 2005. It is located inside the facilitites of the historical San Luis fortress, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. It has as a mission the recovering and promotion of the Dominican history, culture, values and art.

The creation of the museum was an initiative of the then Army Major General, architect Gustavo A. Jorge García, of transforming the ancient fortress into a cultural-historical center. To achieve this, he relied on the economic support of a friend businessman, the deceased don Huáscar Rodríguez Herrera, and on the support of Fine Arts artists.


Besides the permanent exhibitions and collections, the institution has a large offer of activities free of charge, open to the general public. These include: guided visits for school, tourist and private groups, temporary exhibitions, workshops, courses, talks, art fairs, art contests and artistic presentations, among others.


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Arch. Gustavo Jorge García
Mentor of Honor
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Ms. Nidia Bisonó
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B.A. Rosa Khoury
Vice President
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Dr. Raldiris Abreu
Public Relations
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B.A. Blas Santana
Legal Counselor
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B.A. Robert Espinal
History Counselor
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B.A. Rafaela Joaquín 
Tourism Counselor
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Artist Dionisio Peralta
Art Counselor


Cementos Cibao

Fundación Huáscar Rodríguez

Private donations


Free Entrance!


Fortaleza San Luis
Recinto Histórico Cultural
Calle Vicente Estrella esquina calle San Luis,
Santiago de los Caballeros 

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